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Aon Retirement and Investment Blog

Investing With a Purpose: Evolving approaches and current trends

“Investing with purpose” is a concept raised frequently in high-level portfolio conversations. What was once discussed as an ideal hypothetical has evolved and continues to mature into an investment field with broadening choices and innovative uses. A diverse set of institutions and individuals “invest with a purpose,” and for this reason, a general review of the field’s current state and potential directions is useful to institutional investors.

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Implementing High-Conviction Equity Portfolios

Last year, we wrote the white paper “Conviction in Equity Investing,”  lauding the benefits of high-conviction investing for actively-managed equity mandates. This blog entry follows up with suggestions for institutional investors utilizing this approach to design their equity portfolios.

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What to Do With Underperforming Managers

Conventional wisdom says “buy low, sell high.” Investors should enter a position at an attractive price point and liquidate it after strong performance. At least this is conventional wisdom for trading individual securities. When reviewing the hiring and firing decisions for institutional investment managers, investors frequently do the opposite.

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Diversification – How Much is Too Much?

In the investment world, diversification has always been a cornerstone of good portfolio management.  We believe in it and advise our clients to diversify their portfolios across asset classes and investment strategies.  But can there be too much diversification?  We think the answer is yes. 

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Defined Contribution Plan Re-Enrollment: Responsible Redirection or Wrong Direction (An Investment Perspective)

DC plans are by their very nature participant directed, so the thought of overriding a participant’s own decisions may seem foolish. We disagree. In some cases, we believe that a “re-enrollment” or “re-booting” process may be just the right direction. 

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Breaking Down Barriers to Success

Achieving return expectations in today’s evolving markets is possible, but maximizing your chances of success requires flexibility and, occasionally, quick action. Yet, institutional investing practice sometimes moves more slowly than investing ideas. Here are six ways to stay ahead of the curve with your portfolio construction and decision making.

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Considering the Appropriate Level of Risk for Target Date Funds

Last month, the Department of Labor issued a document titled “Target Date Retirement Funds – Tips for ERISA Plan Fiduciaries”, which provides guidance to plan sponsors evaluating target date funds (“TDFs”). 

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