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Aon Retirement and Investment Blog

Aon’s Investment-Related White Papers

This blog lists many of the major white papers we have written recently, including short descriptions and a link to the full papers. If you wish to discuss any of these pieces further, please feel free to contact the authors (their contact info is usually shown on the last page of each paper), your Aon consultant, or retirementandinvestmentblog@aonhewitt.com.

Global Perspectives on Responsible Investing – This survey provides insight into current and planned responsible investment initiatives from 223 global investors, and provides further detail on regions (UK, EU/Continental Europe, US and Canada) and certain types of investors (Corporate Pensions, Public Pensions, Endowments and Foundations and Defined Contribution Plans). (June 2018)
Rethink: Global Pension Risk GovernanceThis paper is an interview-style piece with three of our experts on global pension risk governance, discussing how multi-national companies can effectively take a holistic approach to managing pension risk across the globe.  It discusses both theory and practical challenges. (May 2018)
Key Components of Effective Investment Policy Statements for Non-Profit Organizations – This paper addresses the key aspects of an Investment Policy Statement for Non-profit organizations incorporating our latest thinking with regard model portfolio asset allocation. (May 2018)
An Overview of the Multiemployer Pension Plan System – The multiemployer pension plan system in the U.S. is under increasing strain. The PBGC multiemployer insurance program is projected to go insolvent in less than 10 years, and many large plans are also facing insolvency. The strain on the system poses increasing risks to employers with exposure to these plans.  This paper covers multiemployer plan background, risks facing employers, ways for employers to monitor and manage risks, and how Aon can help.  (May 2018)

Debating Active vs. PassiveThis paper attempts to summarize some of the key academic research on the topic and explain our views on how to apply it in portfolio construction. (April 2018)

Banking on Pensions – This paper describes some of the unique trends in how the banking industry manages its pension plans.  Specifically, the contribution and investment strategies used by plan sponsors in the banking industry tend to be different from what other industries do. (April 2018)

Aon’s 2018 U.S. Annuity Settlement Market Update - The paper provides a detailed overview of the growing pension annuity settlement marketplace which is increasingly being utilized by pension sponsors to manage cost and risk. (April 2018)

Key Topics for Non-Profit Organizations in 2018 - This paper identifies and provides context on key topics we expect to be important for non-profit fiduciaries in 2018.  (April 2018)

Direct Lending: An Investment Opportunity within Private Debt - This paper discusses a growing segment of the private debt market, which Aon believes could be a potential fit for certain portfolios. The current market dynamics are favorable for direct lending as historical players are leaving the market, driven partially by shifting regulations.  Key risks and considerations are also identified.  (March 2018)
Thought leadership material prior to 2018 can be found here.

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