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Aon Retirement and Investment Blog

Implications of the Ford Foundation’s Big Move Into Responsible Investing

This blog discusses the Ford Foundation’s commitment to Responsible Investing and how this commitment is important to the broader RI landscape. 

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Responsible Investing

Recently, Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting has seen an uptick in global interest in Responsible Investing. More than anything, institutional investors want to know how Responsible Investing (“RI”) may be applicable to their public or corporate pension, endowment, foundation, defined contribution plan or other investment entity. To help answer some essential questions about Responsible Investing, we’ve created a short animated video blog. In it, you’ll find information on the four main types of RI, including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration, Impact Investing, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), and Mission Related Investing, as well as how RI may potentially enhance returns, reduce volatility, or allow investors to “do good while doing well." 

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Watch our video on responsible investing!

This post includes a short video on responsible investing. 

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Tax Reform: Potential Impact on Colleges and Universities: What should endowment fiduciaries do?

For private universities and colleges, the specter of taxation has finally arrived front and center with the unveiled tax proposal in Congress, approved by The House and Ways Committee on November 9. This blog entry discussing the implications proposed changes would have on private universities and colleges.

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A (Re)Introduction to Responsible Investing

The linguistic anarchy that surrounds Responsible Investing is an impediment for investors, consultants and money managers. Without standardized terminology and definitions, it can be difficult for industry participants to have a productive conversation.” A (Re)Introduction to Responsible Investing” attempts to provide both consistent naming conventions and definitions to ensure research, discussions and action plans are as fruitful as possible.

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